Internet of Things

About IOT

An IOT platform accelerate your digital business transformation, it enables you to connect assets, machinery and vehicles, embed sensors and tags, collect real-time information, and establish an internet-enabled connection to transmit data and remotely monitor and control the ecosystem..



  • Ignition status
  • Fuel monitoring
  • History tracking
  • Ensuring worker safety


  • Manage the route of goods
  • Track inventory items
  • Manage human errors
  • Increase order fulfillment rate

Smart Factory & Industry

  • Forecasting and capacity planning
  • Equipment failures detection
  • Real-time demand visibility
  • Acquire data at different stages


  • Monitoring health levels
  • Monitoring reproductive cycle
  • Maximizing livestock livelihood
  • Location tracking

Agriculture IOT Solution

  • Crop quality Monitoring
  • Irrigation Management
  • Optimize farming decisions
  • Increase productivity


  • Enhancing patient experience
  • Better management of drugs
  • Improving treatment outcomes
  • Decreasing operational costs


  • Automated room booking
  • Bird's eye view
  • Meeting room display
  • Reports and BI

Automotive & Transport

  • Asset tracking
  • Pick up & drop monitoring
  • Passengers Safety & Security
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy

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